How COPPA laws will affect the channel

Due to YouTube & COPPA laws going into effect this year on the platform, a lot of changes will be done on our channel. First off, all the videos that was previously on our podcast will be removed. We already had plans to shift to a new podcast format, so to be in compliance, we will just remove them and start over with our new podcast. Secondly, content will be clearly marked in all our descriptions. For example: not meant for children under 13, suitable for children, parental consent is advised, and so on. We will be minimizing useless text in our descriptions. This means "our links" will be the linktree that includes all relevant links, affiliate disclaimer will be on every video even if it is not for that specific one, and synopsis/description of films will be included (if applicable).

We will also be adding cast/crew to every video, and one link associated with each (if applicable).

Our store, general social media, & other stuff should remain the same for now. If anything changes we will post an update on here. We will also be doing more blogs than videos for our reviews. If you would like a copy of our old podcast that was online, please send us an email and we can make physical copies for sale, upon request only. Thank you for understanding and looking forward to the new additions to the channel and blog in 2020.

Kyleen McHenry

Be the Change Videos & The Trevor Project

We are in the planning stages of making 9 more "Be the Change" videos. Our topics include: anti-bullying, suicide prevention/awareness, motivational, and more (Will be adding some about the LGBTQ+ community with at least 1+ of the videos as a note). We will be releasing them to the general public (on our YouTube channel). We are currently running an ALL OR NOTHING funding campaign on Kickstarter. Physical copies of the films will be available ONLY through the campaign, everyone will have access to the film on our channel after filming/editing is completed (plan on releasing one every couple of months).

In other news, we are currently running a sale on merchandise from now until 12/15. 10% of total sales during this time will be donated to The Trevor Project. We will be posting updates on our Twitter with totals every so often. Or donate directly to them by clicking on their name above.

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Be the Change: Speak Up Against Bullying

Bullying is a problem that can happen anywhere in the world, to anyone, no matter their age / race / gender. We made this video in hopes to not only bring this problem to light, but also to help give some tips to help. A special thanks to all the cast of this short film, it was completely done by improv. Also a huge shout-out to Spotlight Kidz for sending such amazing talent.
A Ky's Korner Production
Starring: Alianne Rockwood, Ella Grace, Elizabeth McHenry, Brayden Abel, Kaliannah O'Reilly, Bo McDonald, Teah McHenry, Kalli Smith, Kyleen McHenry
Directed & Produced By: Kyleen McHenry
Edited By: Douglas Beamer
Special Thanks: Heidi O'Boyle, Spotlight Kidz