Once Upon a Time: Seasons 1-7 | TV Series Review

"A young woman with a troubled past is drawn to a small town in Maine where fairy tales are to be believed."  This quote was taken directly from the Once Upon a Time's IMDB page.

During the final season of Once Upon a Time, I reviewed a few of the episodes (spoiler warning), they are below the post and can view them.

 Each review contains spoilers!

Seasons 1-6 discussion LIVE stream
Season 7, Episode 11: "Secret Garden"
 What happens to Robin when Zelena finds out she is dabbling in magic.
Season 7, Episode 12: "A Taste of the Heights"
What does Dr. Facilier, a giant alligator, & a stranger have to do with Tiana's coronation?  Find out here...
Season 7, Episode 13: "Knightfall"
Two captain battle it out!  Who will succeed?  Hook or Ahab?
*SIDEBAR: I love Chad Rook's acting, this was the episode that got me to follow him over to Siren.
Season 7, Episode 14: "The Girl in the Tower"
Who is spying on the heroes camp?  And who catches her?
Season 7, Episode 15: "Sisterhood"
Who is Jack?  Why does he want all the witches dead?
Season 7, Episode 16: "Breadcrumbs"
Nick offers Henry a ride...
Season 7, Episode 20: "Is This Henry Mills?"
Only a few episodes left of the series.

Interview with actor Michael Coleman, who played Happy on the show (April 2018)

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