Blood Ties | Book Conversion

I will be converting my short story Blood Ties (can read it for free here) into a short film.  Expected recording dates will be around Summer of 2020.  I will be looking for the following filmmakers (low budget project) in the Central Pennsylvania area.  To submit please fill out the appropriate forms listed below.  Links to your works (required) & IMDb page (if applicable).  I will get back to people around Summer of this year (2019), so if you don't hear from me right away, it doesn't mean I am not considering you, I am just not ready to start actively picking the crew.  I also have a funding campaign for the production company on Indigogo here, if anyone could share, donate, etc I would appreciate it.  Thank you all and can't wait to see this film be made.

Kyleen McHenry, Ky's Korner Productions
Director -
Writer (based on short story by) - Kyleen McHenry
Writer (screenplay by) - Noah Pfister
Cinematographer -
Hair / Makeup Department -
Costume Designer -
Director of Photography (Still & Emotion shots needed) -
Editor -
Composer - 
Production (Set) Designer -

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