SHADOWHUNTERS IS BACK - The 'Final Hunt' Has Begun! | Episode Review

After the LONG anticipated wait for the series, Shadowhutners: The Mortal Instruments has come back.  Season 3B debuted on Freeform (US) on Monday, February 25th, 2019.  Before I get into the topic, I would like to warn you all that there will be SPOILERS ahead!  So if you haven't watched the episode yet I highly recommend watching it before continuing with the article.

We ended the first half of the season with Clary seeming to be blown up and wiped out of existence, along with her corpse of a brother (Jonathan Morgenstern).  In the premier, you find out that he teleported the apartment to Siberia before the explosion actually happened.  Simon, Jace, and the others believe her to be dead.

The review for the episode is below.  I will re-visit Shadowhutners after the series ends.

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