The Ruthless Gentleman | ARC Review

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of the book, in exchange, I was to give an honest review.

First off, let me state that Louise Bay did it again.  I found the novel beautifully written.  The characters felt so authentic because of their well-thought back stories, growth throughout the novel, and their morals they grew up with.  The stand-alone novella had a satisfying ending that left little cliff hangers but could easily be turned into a sequel.  My favorite character was Hayden Wolf, the business tycoon from London.

The only negative I found was that the plot structure seemed like “The British Knight” which was the first novel I read of hers earlier this year.  However, that did not detract from the read.  The characters had different history, growth, and events in the story.  The overall story was engaging and was easy to read.  This one took me about 3 days to finish.  I was super reluctant to put the book down.  I would recommend reading this to my friends.  This is also one of the rare novels I would gladly re-read in the near future.

This review was created May 13, 2018 (did not have a website at the time).  To view my YouTube review of the book, please click on the image below.

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