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Seeking Writer

Ky's Korner Productions is currently seeking a writer(s) for a novel series that we plan on converting into a TV series later on.  If you are interested in the job, please send an email to Subject: Ghostwriter for DMU.  Please attach the following information: rate anticipating, resume, samples to previous works, any social media links you wish to share, and any other relevant information (schooling, etc).

This project has been created by Kyleen McHenry (series creator) & Farwulf (strictly Ranthes area).  Chose person(s) will be listed as one of the writers.

Expectations for project:
- It will be a novel series (consisting of apx 12+ books that will be released throughout years).  I may hire multiple writers since this is an extended project.  Not all are part of the main series, some are side stories or prequel to be released later.
- NDA and contract will be required.
- All edits, revisions, & such will be paid for by Ky's Korner Produc…

Upcoming Releases & Other Info

Upcoming releases (dates not set yet due to work).
Reviews: Captain America 1-3 (all flash reviews), Avengers 4 (in-depth review & Instagram live with Douglas Beamer ), International Player by Louise Bay (Author Louise Bay ), The Saviors Champion by Jenna Moreci (long time coming, revviewing the audiobook which is now available on audible), & I will be starting my series reviews (starting with The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan).
The Talk segment: Marvel Phase 1 videos, Shadowhunters (book vs movie/tv series), & other videos.
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Bumblebee | Movie Review

Bumblebee (2018)  *spoiler review
Director: Travis Knight
Producers: Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, & others
Cast: Hailee Steinfield (Charlie), Jorge Lendeborg Jr (Memo), John Cena (Agent Barns), & others

Bumblebee was released in 2018.  I am a little behind on this review, since I had to wait for it to be released on DVD.  However, it was well worth the wait.

I grew up on Transformers as a child.  From the various animated series, to the live-action films during my adult life, and now with Bumblebee.  It is the first in the re-boot for the live-action films, and they hit the mark.  I thought the film had a great balance of action, romance, and heart-felt moments that brought the characters to life, and made them stand-out better than the original live-action franchise.

I found out after the film that Steven Spielberg was an executive producer.  I have not been disappointed with a film he was worked on his ET (the alien scarred me as a child so much).  Travis Knight, a new face…