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Ky's Korner Productions is currently seeking a writer(s) for a novel series that we plan on converting into a TV series later on.  If you are interested in the job, please send an email to Subject: Ghostwriter for DMU.  Please attach the following information: rate anticipating, resume, samples to previous works, any social media links you wish to share, and any other relevant information (schooling, etc).

This project has been created by Kyleen McHenry (series creator) & Farwulf (strictly Ranthes area).  Chose person(s) will be listed as one of the writers.

Expectations for project:
- It will be a novel series (consisting of apx 12+ books that will be released throughout years).  I may hire multiple writers since this is an extended project.  Not all are part of the main series, some are side stories or prequel to be released later.
- NDA and contract will be required.
- All edits, revisions, & such will be paid for by Ky's Korner Productions.  All printing will be done via Ky's Korner Productions on their webiste/Amazon page/etc.  No cost will be done to the writer recruited.
- The payment will be a one-time payment, guaranteed, no other payments will be made (royalties).
- You will be paid for EACH title you write for (per book, short, etc) depending on the contract agreed upon.

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email so we can discuss this and hope to work with you soon.

Kyleen McHenry
Ky's Korner Productions 

This is a fantasy series that is based in a made up world.

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