Blood Ties is Seeking...

It has been decided that Blood Ties will take place in the United States. It is also going to be filmed 80%-100% in Pennsylvania. We still want to film for summer of 2020, but will push it back to Summer of 2021 if necessary.

We are seeking local investors who wish to be part of our first project. Currently generating our investment packages & business plans before we actively seek out. It will come with tax deductions (in talks with tax specialists to make 100% certain before we move forward with offers).

In the meantime, Ky's Korner Productions LLC will be looking for the following (primarily hiring in Pennsylvania)...

1x Line Producer (must have experience, resume/references required)

1x Hair/Makeup Artist (will act as both)

1x Wardrobe Manager (already filled)

1× Editor (prefer someone who knows special effects as well as regular editing; must have all software required)

1× Director (already have someone in mind but open to submissions)

1-2× Camera Operators (one for ground camera,  & one for drone pilot; if one can do both & has equipment please submit and let us know)

1x Location Scout

1x Casting Director (will hire professional once we are ready to cast)

Please note that the film will take time to create. We have a script on the way (expected delivery will be in September). Once funding is finalized and 100% secured will move to the actual filming.

Reason we are looking now is so can get the ball rolling and have a solid film. This is a great chance for new and existing artists to work together.

Let's bring Pennsylvania on the map for the film/TV industry.

Logline: "Autobiographical thriller about one of the most infamous killers in the late 1800s."

- Kyleen McHenry, Owner of Ky's Korner Productions LLC (aka KKP)

PO Box 874
Berwick, Pennsylvania, USA

International Player | ARC Review

Louise Bay has done it again! International Player was an amazing listen. I could hardly stop until I completed it. Truly & Noah's friendship felt so genuine. The slow development into love for one another kept me on edge. I look forward to the next story of hers to read/hear.

Quarter 3 Release Schedule (2019)

June is nearly over. In an effort to be more productive, and accountable, I will be starting to post my projected posting goals for the channel and website. They will be split up by quarters (a 3 month period). Only a few have a "set" release date. If there is something you wish to see leave a comment below and will try to work it in.

*note most will contain spoilers

July Releases
  • Arrowverse - Arrow: Season 1 Review
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe - Spider-man 2: Far From Home Review
  • The Little Mermaid Review
  • The Saviors Series #1: The Saviors Champion Review (Jenna Moreci)

August Releases
  • Arrowverse - Arrow: Season 2 Review
  • Dumplin' Review
  • The Gentleman Collection: The Wrong Gentleman Review (Louise Bay)
  • Unicorn Store Review

September Releases
  • Arrowverse - The Flash: Season 1 Review
  • I Am Mother Review
  • Riftwar Cycle #1: Riftwar Cycle - Magician: Apprentice Review (Raymond E Feist)
  • The Magicians #1: The Magicians Review (Lev Grossman)

Unknown Releases
  • Always Be My Maybe Review
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season 1 Review
  • Lucifer: Season 1 Stardust Compilation
  • Outlander: Season 1 (either review or stardust compilation)
  • Shadowhunters Series: The Infernal Devices #2 - Clockwork Prince Review (Cassandra Clare)
  • Stranger Things: Season 2 Stardust Compilation
  • The Mist: Season 1 Review


Dark Phoenix [June 15th] | McTalk: Instagram Live Chats 1x01

For the first video on the new segment "McTalk: Instagram Live Chats", our hosts Kyleen McHenry & Teah McHenry discuss Dark Phoenix, Percy Jackson (book series), Marvel Cinematic Universe (multiple), & more.  Spoilers ahead.  This is a more laid back show (live show has random guests popping in), all videos are posted on the companies YouTube channel within 24-48 hours after the stream (edited version).  Next stream will probably talk about either Men in Black: International, or Blue Bloods (TV series).

Charmed Reboot: Season 1 (2018) | TV Series Review

Charmed Reboot: Season 1 (2018) *non-spoiler review*
Created by: Constance M Burge
Primary Cast: Madeleine Mantock (Macy Vaughn), Melonie Diaz (Melanie 'Mel' Vera), Sarah Jeffrey (Margairta Emilia 'Maggie' Vera), & Rupert Evans (Harry Greenwood)
Recurring Cast: Nick Hargrove (Parker)

Charmed, a cult fantasy drama series, was re-booted on the CW in 2018.  The first season contained 22 episodes, and they are confirmed for a second season.  The series takes place in a fictional town called Hilltowne, Michigan, which is a college town (original series was in San Francisco, California).

My Views:
I personally liked the first season, I think that it has great potential moving forward.  My favorite character is Professor Harry Greenwood, the Charmed One's Whitelighter.  I hope that in the future Alyssa Millano (Phoebe Halliwell from the original series) & Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell from the original series) do cameos.

I do not plan on doing a video review for this season at this time.

The Mage Stone: Dakota Wollmer | The Talk: Season 2, Episode 1

The Mage Stone: Dakota Wollmer  |  The Talk: 2x02

Dakota Wollmer, who is a writer and actress based in New York, recently published a novel called The Mage Stone.  During the interview, I learned more about the novel, pan-sexuality, and her favorite scenes while writing this fantasy novel.  To watch the interview click below.

Every episode of "The Talk" purchased through the online store, a portion of the proceeds go to charity, find out more HERE

Blood Ties is Seeking...

It has been decided that Blood Ties will take place in the United States. It is also going to be filmed 80%-100% in Pennsylvania. We still w...