Anti-Bullying Short Film

Hello all, sorry for the late announcement!  After careful consideration, I have decided to go with a non-speaking shoot for Saturday, September 21st/22nd with the costume characters.  I will be doing voice-over parts first week of October (either remotely from home studio, or local to Bloomsburg, PA).  All parts are non-paid, with copy/credit (IMDb).  You will also be featured on our social media attached with your part if you desire.

Costume Scenes
Saturday, September 21st, 2019 @ 8:30 pm ish (Towne Place Suites Harrisburg Hershey)
450 Friendship Road
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111

Hogwarts characters (nearly any variation of the costume is fine for children & adults).  You will be standing in a room lined up in house (or house if everyone has the same robes, preference for Gryfindor & Slytherin).  Would like a few kids (or adults who look young) pushing over a kid or two "the bullies/victims", then with hands crossed.  Then the adults walk in and help the kid (s) up.
*this scene will be broken up on the actual video, with the first part the bullying.  The second part will be the anti-bullying message (or take a stance theme).
We would also like some adults to act as parents to be in plain clothing to look as if they are being abusive to the children doing the bullying (to show the cycle that needs to stop).  We will have an area for anyone to change if they wish to be in multiple shots.

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 @ 6:00 pm ish (outside Harrisburg Mall - near entrance of the Harrisburg Comic & Pop Con)
3501 Paxton St
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111

All other costumes (non-Hogwarts ones).  You can wear nearly any costume you wish.  It will be done in small groups.  Ability to cry on cue is a plus.  In this part, we will not only be filming the bullying but also the ones who are being bullied to stand up for themselves and others.

Please send pics to with the following information.


please include any social media links you would like to be tagged in the posts as well.  I will give everyone a reference number prior to the shoot so when we start filming can put everyone in the right places for characters/credits.

If you wish to participate in a voice-over part, please also include that in the body of the email for consideration.  All sides will be emailed out first week of October and the recording will be due in 7 days after being sent out.  Home studios are preferred but can setup a day/time for ones to be done with me.  It would be done at the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Library.


We will be at the Harrisburg Comic & Pop Con (stand is near the Jurassic Park Jeep) if you wish to see us day of shoots (admission is at your expense).  We will be doing live shows throughout the event on our Facebook page talking about other future projects being released through our company next year.  All future projects (summer and later) will be paid work.  We just started this year so working on our craft before we move forward into feature films and more.  Hope to see you all at the shoot, and possibly at the con.  If you want to be on one of our live shows and talk about yourself or works you are doing, please feel free to send over an email asap so we can set you up.  Our schedule is nearly booked for the weekend.

Always Be My Maybe | Movie Review

Always Be My Maybe (2019) *non-spoiler review
Cast: Ali Wong (Sasha Tran), Randall Park (Marcus Kim), & Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves)

Everyone assumed that Sasha and Marcus would end up together, except for themselves.  Fifteen years later, the two start to wonder if they are meant for either other.  Always Be My Maybe previewed on Netflix May of this year.

     Sasha grew up hardly seeing her own parents, and staying a lot of time at Marcus' place with his parents.  She learned how to cook, made great friends with Marcus, and had a pretty good childhood because of the Kim's.  This is the first production I saw of Ali Wong, and the second I have seen of Randall Park (first being Ant-Man and the Wasp).  You could feel their chemistry throughout the course of this film.  The parts with Keanu Reeves were so hilarious and ridiculous (the best of both worlds), it made me want to see more films with him like that.  A majority of the film, the comedy was spot on, there were a few scenes that made me question why they were included.  Those were few and far between.  I would love to see more films like this, and more with all three of these actors (together and separate).

Below are some videos I wanted to share that others posted on YouTube.
Always Be My Maybe (Trailer) 
I Punched Keanu Reeves (Always Be My Maybe OST)
Ali Wong on Ellen (May 2019)
Ali & Randall on Extra (May 2019)
Austin Burke's Review

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