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Always Be My Maybe (2019) *non-spoiler review
Cast: Ali Wong (Sasha Tran), Randall Park (Marcus Kim), & Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves)

Everyone assumed that Sasha and Marcus would end up together, except for themselves.  Fifteen years later, the two start to wonder if they are meant for either other.  Always Be My Maybe previewed on Netflix May of this year.

     Sasha grew up hardly seeing her own parents, and staying a lot of time at Marcus' place with his parents.  She learned how to cook, made great friends with Marcus, and had a pretty good childhood because of the Kim's.  This is the first production I saw of Ali Wong, and the second I have seen of Randall Park (first being Ant-Man and the Wasp).  You could feel their chemistry throughout the course of this film.  The parts with Keanu Reeves were so hilarious and ridiculous (the best of both worlds), it made me want to see more films with him like that.  A majority of the film, the comedy was spot on, there were a few scenes that made me question why they were included.  Those were few and far between.  I would love to see more films like this, and more with all three of these actors (together and separate).

Below are some videos I wanted to share that others posted on YouTube.
Always Be My Maybe (Trailer) 
I Punched Keanu Reeves (Always Be My Maybe OST)
Ali Wong on Ellen (May 2019)
Ali & Randall on Extra (May 2019)
Austin Burke's Review

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