Anti-Bullying Video Reshoot Information

Looking for actors / voice actors

Film: Short (Anti-Bullying theme) *5 min or less
Platform: YouTube ( )
Non-Union / Unpaid
IMDb credit / name in video credits / copy for reel


Looking for real testimonials (if applicable) about being bullied or witnessing bullying, etc) if none then reference text at end of call.

ACTORS (in film)

Date: Friday, October 11th, 2019
Time: 5 pm (no longer than 2 hours)
Location: Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (quad area, will meet outside the library) in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Clothing: Halloween costume (almost any is fine), & 1 change of plain clothing (just in case). *masks are fine if you prefer

In the video we will be showing images of people being pushed, bullied, etc.

Any age actor is welcome (would ideally like kids and adults).


couple of quotes from people in the public domain so no copyright issues, some testimonials from people like "i used to be the bully in school,  then I saw kids treating my kid the way i used to treat others and thought, no this needs to change" or "i was the kid being bullied, so i speak up for the kid who can't speak for himself "

"Bullying comes in many forms, including turning a blind eye. Don't turn a blind eye, lend your voice to those who can't "

"I was bullied a lot until one day, i said no more. I told them to back off and didn't back down"

"A bully is someone who is hurting so they hurt others. Find out what is hurting them and help them heal themselves "

Stuff like that... (Or own personal one if you have it)

If you have any questions please comment on the post or email me at thank you in advance.

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