Be the Change: Speak Up Against Bullying

Bullying is a problem that can happen anywhere in the world, to anyone, no matter their age / race / gender. We made this video in hopes to not only bring this problem to light, but also to help give some tips to help. A special thanks to all the cast of this short film, it was completely done by improv. Also a huge shout-out to Spotlight Kidz for sending such amazing talent.
A Ky's Korner Production
Starring: Alianne Rockwood, Ella Grace, Elizabeth McHenry, Brayden Abel, Kaliannah O'Reilly, Bo McDonald, Teah McHenry, Kalli Smith, Kyleen McHenry
Directed & Produced By: Kyleen McHenry
Edited By: Douglas Beamer
Special Thanks: Heidi O'Boyle, Spotlight Kidz

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