100 Days of Reviews (2020): Day 1 - Legion

We have seen a ton of people doing a 30-day or 100-day of art, editing, & so on. So I, Kyleen McHenry, will be doing 100 days of articles on the KKP blog. Will be doing reviews (some might be shorter than others). I am starting today, since it is my birthday (March 14th). The first review will be of Legion (shown below). These reviews are the ones that did not make Showverse's 20 episode a season cut. So here goes...(all things I review will be watching for the first time then reviewing them)


Legion (2010)

Watch: Netflix
Rating: 5 of 5

The fate of the world rest with the birth of a child. In this rendition of the Apocalypse, the arch angel Michael comes to save a woman about to give birth. There is so much action, bloodshed, heartfelt moments, and even comedy. I believe it had the right mix of all elements and kept me on my seat the entire time. I would HIGHLY recommend this film to add to that list of apocalyptic thrillers.

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