Allies & Enemies: Chapter 1

----- Nami -----

"Do you hear anything?"
"Nothing of importance."
Tyrian Callows passed a short distance away, his growing irritation evident. "Our goddess will not be pleased."
"Your goddess." I corrected Tyrian. "Now hush, I hear someone talking again."
Tyrian paused mid stride for a moment before slowly coming closer to me.
"Communication is a two-way street, pal. You see this? That's the send button!"
I chuckled. "I need to remember that line."
"Who said that?" The same voice asked.
I gasped. Panicking, I moved away from the shadow I was using to listen in on Ozpin's office. Tyrian looked at me with a bewildered expression. "What happened?" He asked.
"I think they heard me?"
"How is that possible?"
"I am not sure." I contemplated that thought for a long time and came up with nothing.

--- Some time later ---

"We need to find the relic. Now!" Salem was looking at me. A cool smile on her face.
"What does this relic do?" I asked. Yet again with no response. Salem gestured with her hand for me to leave and I obeyed. I walked by Tyrian, cowering on his way to speak to Salem.
"What are you looking at?"
He pulled out one of his weapons and put it to my throat. "One wrong move and I will end you Mura."
"Understood Callows."
He put it away and walked in to see Salem.
After I was alone in my room, I placed my hands on the nearest shadow and tried to focus on the relic Salem was talking about.

----- Qrow -----

"Do what you think is best."
Ruby Rose summoned Ginn. "What is Ozpin not telling us?"

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