The Linguist: Chapter 1



“Emily, I need your help.”

“What’s the matter Jane?”

“It is a long story, can you come to New Mexico?”

“What for? What happened?”

“There are strange markings in the desert that might be from an Einstein Rosen Bridge. It just seems like something you would either know more about, or at least want to check out.” Jane took a short pause before continuing. “I will send you pictures.” She hung up.

After a few minutes a text message came from her. I opened it up and saw what she meant. I replied to her text after studying the picture. I will be there on a flight first thing after work. See you tomorrow.

Thanks, was all she said. I began to pack a small bag to bring with me. After I finished, I studied the picture more closely and riffled through some of my books to see if I could find it in one of them. I couldn’t sleep, I was too excited to explore this marvel.

Attention passengers, Southwest flight #5434 has been re-directed. I repeat, Southwest flight #5434 has been re-directed.

The flight attendant said over the intercom.

Of course, this is my luck. I contemplated just boarding the next flight back to Arizona, but decided against it after some careful thought. I really missed Jane and wanted to visit her before she was off on her next excursion. Plus, Jane rarely asked for help. I ended up packing a few of the books, along with about 3 pairs of clothes, so I can study more while I was away. My boss wasn’t exactly happy that I took time off, especially with it being the busy season for most restaurants.

After the plane landed, I headed straight to the rental car area. I only had a small duffel bag on, I was in such a hurry I almost decided not even pack at all but decided it best not to spend money on new clothes while I was out. I wanted to spend as much time at the site as I was able to. After handing my credit card over so they could charge for the rental, I got the keys and dialed Jane’s number.

After a few rings Jane picked up. “Did you finally land?” she asked, a hint of excitement in her voice. “Sorry I couldn’t come get you at the airport, I am in the camper at the moment.”

“Yes, and I already am in my rental. Where are you at now?”

I could hear Jane stifle her voice, she was probably about to shot in joy. “I will text it to you. Be careful and I will see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” A few minutes after we hung up the message popped on my phone with a detailed description to where she was at and the site were the possible Rosen Bridge was from her current location.

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