The Talk & Charity

All episodes of The Talk and merchandise have a portion of the profits (up to 50% of profit) go to charity.  This donation is made every quarter (video downloads) or monthly (general merchandise) and the specific charity is decided by the person in the interview, or group, or corresponding month..  To see the free versions of the videos click on the links below.  To purchase the videos/merchandise (charity donations come from the purchases) go to my store.

Season 1 (2018)
Season 2 (2019)

Interviews by Name
Claire Hupy ( 1x02 )  *(Fisher House - )
Dakota Wollmer (2x01)
Michael Coleman ( 1x01 )  *(Downtown Eastside Women's Centre - )

Videos by Topic
The Mage Stone (2x01)

Purchase for Charity
Season 1 Digital Downloads
Season 2 Digital Downloads
The Talk & Charity Line

The Talk & Charity Line Monthly Donations
August 2019 - Susan G Komen

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